3GPP Release 16: Study Items and Road Map

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For those following the development of 5G, it might be easy to say 5G development is over. For those following the marketing of various telecom companies, it might be easy to say 5G is already here. In reality, that is partially true. Yes, 3GPP Release 15 is complete. And yes, this release contains pieces of the standard that can be considered “5G.”

Release 16 is designed to be an 18-month project that wraps up at the end of 2019. The three key performance indicators for 5G are faster peak rates (the enhanced mobile  broadband, eMBB), more connections per cell (massive machine-type communication, mMTC), and lower latency (ultra-reliable low-latency communications, URLLC).

Work on Release 16 has already begun. These study items, which were identified at the end of work on Release 15 as priorities for Release 16, will evolve as the standardization process continues. With the 2020 deadline rapidly approaching, 2019 is sure to be an exciting year for 5G technological innovations and developments.

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