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IEEE 802.11be Technology Introduction

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The IEEE 802.11 working group develops the wireless local area network (WLAN) specifications behind the Wi-Fi technology. First, IEEE 802 created 11a/b/g to enable wireless
communications for everyone. Since then, the IEEE 802.11 MAC and PHY layers have continuously been enhanced to improve user experience, increase throughput, utilize
resources more efficiently and/or support new use cases. These enhancements are amendments to the base IEEE 802.11 standard and many have been published in the last
20+ years. See the IEEE 802.11 website [1] for a full list and description of all IEEE 802.11 amendments.

This white paper focuses on the IEEE 802.11 be physical layer and contains five main parts:

  •  Chapter 2: IEEE 802.11be amendment development core documents
  •  Chapter 3: IEEE 802.11be goals and feature summary
  •  Chapter 4: Features to achieve extremely high throughput
  • Chapter 5: EHT physical layer descriptions
  • Chapter 6: Transmitter and receiver test requirements

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