What is Micro Molding?

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Micro-molding is a highly specialized manufacturing process that produces extremely small, high-precision thermoplastic parts and components with micron tolerances. The process starts in a tooling department where a mold is created that has a cavity in the shape of the part desired. Thermoplastic or resin is rapidly injected into the cavity, creating the component or part at high speed.

No matter how you spell it, micro molding, micromolding or even micro moulding, there is a lot of talk in engineering circles these days. This reflects the increased interest from designers and manufacturers in producing and procuring high precision, micro-featured plastic parts. The result has been countless articles in the trade magazines addressing this new niche in the injection molding industry containing many differing definitions, creating some confusion.

So exactly what is micro-molding? Part size is one of the obvious elements but is it the only element? Or is it simply defined by the size of the injection press? What about precision, or does the part just have to be small?

This whitepaper explains how true micro molding involves much more than size or machine.

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